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About Us     Access4U   manufacturers   wheelchair   ramps   and   other   ramps   for a   growing   network   of   durable   medical   equipment   (DME)   dealers, home   modification   experts,   government   organizations,   charitable organizations   and   others   that   serve   the   home   health   markets   for independent living.  We     rely     on     these     partners     for     their     expertise     in     needs assessment,   site   evaluation,   customer   service   and   installation expertise.      Our   product   line   includes   modular   ramps,   portable folding ramps, threshold ramps and MINI ramps. Our   headquarters   is   located   near   Pittsburgh,   Pennsylvania.      Our factory and distribution center is near Charlotte, North Carolina. We   employ   the   latest   computerized   design   and   manufacturing techniques   to   build   quality   into   our   products.   Access4U   designs are   reviewed   by   a   structural   engineer   for   structural   integrity   and   we   stand   behind   our   products   with   a   three   year warranty.  Our experienced staff is always ready to serve. The   core   members   of   our   team      have   over   100   years   of   experience   in   application,   design   and   manufacture   of   world class products. Access4U strives for a win-win relationship with all of our business partners.
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About Us